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Polar Night Cup, Tromsø (Norway), November 19th-20th 2011


Tromsø BTK held The Polar Night Cup in Tromsø 19th and 20th of November. Approx. 60 players from eight clubs from Norway, Sweeden and Russia took part in the tournament. Altogether 403 were played, and by far the best players came from Rodina TTC in Arkhangelsk. They took the victory in all the classes, and many of them held a very high level, and dominated in most of the matches they played against their opponents from northern Norway and northern Sweeden. Take a look at TTTC's results page to see the results in the various classes.
The Polar Night Cup was played for the fourth consecutive year, and this year we were pleased to have a visit for the first time from Russia. Rodina TTC showed to be a great club with both good players and friendly people. Hopefully we can go to Arkhangelsk to play very soon.

Below you can find information given before the tournament.

Tournament program

Here is the tournament program.

Invitation and registration form


Confirmed players, 10th of November

62 players have signed up for the tournament. Here are the participants by club. Here is a preliminary overview of the participants by class.

As you will see there in a very low number of entries in classes for girls/women and in Boys 10 and Boys 11. Some of these classes will be played. Whether Boys 10, Boys 11, Women Elit, and Women Junior will be played is decided on the match day.

Sign up for each club

Time schedule

Below you can see a preliminary time schedule. The time for the start of the classes are indicated. Some adjustments to the starting times can occur after the number of participants are known. The draw of each class will happen approximately 20 minutes before class start. The tournament organizers needs a confirmation of participation from each club at least 30 minutes ahead of class starting time.

Saturday 19.11

  • 09.00: Veteran 35, Herrer Junior, Gutter 10
  • 11.00: Gutter 12
  • 12.00: Totally Open
  • 13.00: Damer Elite
  • 14.00: Herrer Elite, Gutter 15

Sunday 20.11

  • 09.00: Herrer C, Gutter 13
  • 11.00: Herrer Eldre Junior, Jenter 15
  • 11.30: Gutter 11, Damer Junior
  • 13.30: Herrer A, Gutter 14

You can't participate in two classes that have the same starting time.

Seeded players

The seeded players in the different classes can be found here. Complaints can be sent to the organizer via e-mail. Adjustments can come since we are unaware of standard og the Russian players. Eventual adjustments will be made on the basis of the City match between Arkhangelsk and Tromsø the day before The Polar Night Cup.

Age limits
  • Veteran 35: Born before January 1st 1977
  • Herrer/damer eldre junior: Born after January 1st 1990
  • Herrer/damer junior: Born after January 1st 1994
  • Gutter/jenter 15: Born after January 1st 1996
  • Gutter 14: Born after January 1st 1997
  • Gutter 13: Born aftern January 1st 1998
  • Gutter 12: Born after January 1st 1999
  • Gutter/jenter 11: Born after January 1st 2000


The venue will be at Tromsdalen idrettshall.
The tournament arena is near Tromsdalen high school. Follow this link to see the geographical placement of the hall. The marker points at the venue.


We are going to sell groceries in the hall, including sandwiches / baguettes and fruit.

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